Installing mc-build#

Video Tutorial on installing mc-build (Credit - AncientKingg)

To install mc-build on your device you must first install Node.js. Simply visit their site ( and download and run the installer.

Once node is finished installing open a command prompt and run this command: npm i -g mc-build

Tada! mc-build is now installed.

Creating a development environment#

To create a mc-build datapack, simply navigate to your chosen world/datapacks folder, and create a new datapack folder.

Then inside the datapack folder, create a src folder, and a pack.mcmeta file. (The pack.mcmeta is identical to a vanilla pack.mcmeta)

Then open a command prompt and navigate to your new datapack folder.

Once inside your datapack folder, run the command mcb.

That's it! Your datapack is now ready for development.

Creating a config file#

Open a command prompt and navigate to your datapack folder. Then:

  • To create a JSON config: mcb -config json
  • To create a JavaScript config: mcb -config js